Who is Odile Cloutier, Interior Design

Graduated from University of Montreal in Art History
Graduated from Ryerson University in Interior Design
Member of Association of Professional Interior Designers of Quebec and Canada, ADPIQ, IDC



The Interior Designer’s ultimate goal is to understand her client’s needs and living style where functionality, comfort and dreams all converge into a harmonious design that will reflect their personnality and expectation. The use of color and textures throughout the project are signature elements uses by the interior designer ODILE CLOUTIER

Odile Cloutier loves creating designs integrating large volume and where rooms inter-connect, letting the natural light flow through the space without losing the essence of the original construction.

A special attention is given in planning functional, and very appealing kitchens and bathrooms resulting in an airy and welcoming space with uncluttered simplicity and elegance.

Interior design services that I offer you

  1. Create and design a concept for residential or commercial projects
  2. Auto Cad technical plans and details
  3. Recommendation of material choices such as ceiling moldings and paneled walls designs and details: staircase, fireplace mantelpiece, bathroom and shower designs
  4. Recommendation of electrical light fixtures, layout and plans
  5. Decorating ideas which includes: the choice of furniture, fabrics, window dressing and color palette
  6. Kitchen and bathroom designs: includes layout and built in furniture, shopping for kitchen and bathroom appliances and plumbing accessories
  7. Choices of hardware and doors
  8. Recommendations to buyers on how to improve their property to sale it at the highest market price. Recommendation to buyers on how to improve their investment by adding or subtracting room elevating ceiling heigh creating more important volume with windows and openings
  9. Professional suggestion in acquiring art pieces such as sculptures and paintings

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